5 reportedly dead, 1 in custody, in Manchester, Illinois, shooting

Five people were reportedly killed in a shooting in Manchester, Ill., Wednesday morning prompting the closure of three area schools, Fox2Now.com reports.

WLDS, a radio station in the area, reports that the suspect attempted to run from the scene, got into a high-speed chase with police and shots were fired while the suspect was taken into custody.

One person was injured in the shooting, but the injuries remain unclear. The suspect, the station reports, is in custody. Police told FoxNews.com that they do not believe another suspect is at large.

The crime scene was described as a single-story apartment. The relationship between the suspect and the alleged victims was not immediately clear.

Mayor Ronald Drake said he got the call around 4:45 a.m., indicating that there had been a shooting with multiple fatalities, Fox2Now.com reports.

Drake did not say who the victims were or given any details about the suspect.

Illinois State Police spokeswoman Monique Bond says the victims were found early Wednesday morning in the southwestern Illinois community, 50 miles west of Springfield. She didn’t have any details on the deaths or the circumstances surrounding the capture of the suspect.

A school superintendent in the area says he was informed by sheriffs early Wednesday morning that the victims had been shot to death. Les Stevens of the North Greene School District says he canceled classes because authorities warned him at the time that the suspect was at large. The district has since been informed that the man was captured.

Classes were cancelled in three area school districts: Northgreene, Winchester and Jacksonville. Approximately 950 students are affected.

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