Obama Summons Military Leaders to Talk Sexual Assault

WASHINGTON (AP) — The nation’s top defense leaders have been summoned to the White House to talk about the military’s sexual assault crisis.


The Pentagon’s top general, Martin Dempsey, said yesterday that women in uniform are losing confidence that the problem will be solved.

An administration official says President Barack Obama plans to meet this afternoon with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, the members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and others.

The Pentagon has also scheduled a briefing for journalists today with Hagel and Dempsey.

New sexual assault allegations emerged this week involving an Army soldier who was assigned to prevent such crimes. The soldier is the second military member to be accused of that crime this week who had also been assigned to deal with sexual assault in the military.

Last week, Obama said he wanted swift action against military members guilty of sexual assault — and not just “more speeches or awareness programs or training.”