Blood Found and Search Continues for Dayton Girl, 15

DAYTON, Iowa (AP) _ Law enforcement officials and volunteers are continuing to
search for a 15-year-old Iowa girl who was kidnapped, even though the chances of
finding her alive have diminished.
 Division of Criminal Investigation agent Bill Kietzman said 10-member teams
will search today in an expanded area of central Iowa for Kathlynn Shepard.
 Police say 42-year-old Michael Klunder convinced Kathlynn and a 12-year-old
friend to get into his truck while they were walking home from school. They say
he took them to a hog confinement building, where their hands were tied with zip
ties. The 12-year-old broke free and ran through the woods to safety. Klunder
was found dead hours later after hanging himself at another rural property.
 Authorities announced yesterday they found Kathlynn’s blood on Klunder’s truck
and at the hog building.