Gov. Branstad Appoints Pair During Recess

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Governor Terry Branstad has made two board appointments during the legislative recess, avoiding the Senate confirmation process until next year.


Spokesman Tim Albrecht says Thursday that Branstad appointed Nick Wagner to the Iowa Utilities Board and Tom Rielly to the Iowa Transportation Commission after the Legislature adjourned last week.

Branstad withdrew these nominations during the legislative session. Albrecht says the administration feared the appointments would have lost Senate support amid unrelated controversy over the governor’s Board of Regents nominees.

Because the Legislature is not in session, Wagner and Rielly can serve until next year, when Branstad will again submit their nominations for confirmation. Albrecht says they expect confirmation next year.

Wagner is a former Republican state representative from Marion and Rielly is a former Democratic state senator from Oskaloosa.