Old Man River Breaks Missouri Levees; Illinois and Missouri Rivers Also Being Closely Watched

 ST. LOUIS (AP) _ The Mississippi River has busted through a couple of levees
near St. Louis, and is threatening to turn a tiny southeast Missouri town into
an island.

Meanwhile, the Illinois River is creating headaches in several small
western Illinois towns.
 Heavy rain last week caused a sudden rise in the Mississippi, the Missouri, the
Illinois and several smaller rivers. The rivers are on the way down at many
 But a crest isn’t expected until Thursday in Cape Girardeau County, where major
flooding is already occurring. The small southeast Missouri town of Allenville
is accessible only by a small county road, and it may go under water soon.
 Two levee breaks north of St. Louis swamped more agricultural land. Several
people have evacuated their homes in the West Alton, Mo., area.