Family of Abducted, then Murdered, Iowa Teen Speaks Out

The family of an abducted Iowa teenager has released a statement after authorities confirmed the 15-year-old’s death.


Kathlynn Shepard’s father said Sunday that the teen’s family has “lost part of its soul,” but that Kathylnn is now in a better place and safe from predators. Kathylnn was described as an innocent, caring and fun-loving child.

The State Medical Examiner and Department of Criminal Investigation said Sunday that an autopsy had confirmed that a body found Friday night in Boone County was Kathylnn’s. It also confirmed that she died of blunt force trauma.

Kathylnn was found dead in the Des Moines River weeks after she was abducted while walking home with a 12-year-old friend. Authorities say Michael Klunder abducted the girls and took them to a hog confinement facility, where the 12-year-old escaped. Klunder was found dead later that day.