Minimum Wage Increase a Goal for Governor Candidate

He hopes to go from senator to governor in 2014.

Senator Jack Hatch, a democrat, made several stops in Southeast Iowa today, announcing his campaign for Governor. Hatch spoke at Big Muddy’s in Burlington…

“Understand very clearly that the first job of the democratic candidate, myself and my two opponents, is to convince you that a Democrat can win and beat Terry Branstad.”

Hatch spoke about many things he would focus on if elected as governor, one being the increase of minimum wage…

“We will find a minimum wage, a livable wage. It will certainly be higher than $7.25. Some in Congress want it as high at $12.00. So what we are looking at is what does a person need to be able to pay for the things that they have and need, and slowly work that up.”

Hatch also made a stop in Ottumwa, Fort Madison, Muscatine, and Iowa City yesterday, just his second day of stops so far.