Library Facing Another Potential Budget Cut

It wasn’t too long ago that the Burlington Public Library’s budget was cut, and it could happen again.

No decisions have been made, but there has been talk from the city council of a potential $140,000 cut. Library Director, Rhonda Frevert…

“I know that the city is facing difficult decisions in difficult times. All the departments are begin effected. It’s just unfortunate that we have to look at cuts again already after the city has already gone through cuts.”

She says if the potential cut is approved, the library may have to look at staff cuts again…

“Because we’ve already cut $156,000 by making staffing changes in December, cut over 20% of our collections budget, and some hours, I think this time we will be looking at much more severe cuts to collections purchases, hours, but there’s not a lot left.. especially in the current fiscal year to make that kind of a cut. I think there will be some significant cuts, maybe including staff.”

The budget will probably be discussed at the city council’s work session Monday.