Iowa Deer Season Approaching Fast


It’s officially fall, which has many hunters in Iowa pretty excited for deer season.

The first official hunting season starts tomorrow for youth and hunters with disabilities. For those who don’t fit those categories, according to Willy Suchy, who is with the Iowa DNR, your chance is coming October 1st…

“What Iowa does is, we have a variety of different seasons and opportunities for hunters so they can pick and choose. The first statewide season that’s open for everyone is the October 1st opening of the bow season.”

Suchy also mentions Iowa’s deer population…

“Compared to last year, deer numbers are down overall, but it depends where you’re at. In a large portion of the state, deer numbers are fairly stable. In portions of southern Iowa there still needs to be some reductions taking place. For the most part though, deer numbers are pretty close to a number that most people would find acceptable.”

He also says that there is one rule that gets violated most during hunting season…

“The number one violation would be failing to report their harvest. It’s something we really encourage hunters to report because it’s information that’s very helpful to us. We can’t manage Iowa’s deer population as well if we have less reliable information.”

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Savanna Evans
KBUR News Reporter