Council Agrees Library Cut is Needed

The Burlington City Council came up with a wide variety of things they could possibly cut from the budget at last night’s work session.

Ideas were thrown out, but the one cut they all seemed to agree upon was the Library.

Bob Fleming was curious how much the staff are paid at the library.. and library director Rhonda Frevert was there to answer…

Frevert: “Our assistant positions (full-time librarian), they’re around $40,000.”

Fleming: “And who is above them?”

Frevert: “The managers. I’d say some of them are at like 43 or $47,000.”

By cutting the Library’s budget by $140,000 it would give them the same budget similar to other Iowa libraries in a city the size of Burlington. The library has already been cut by $156,000 since last December.

The council also agreed last night that getting rid of the job of city manager was not an option.

Other places they are looking to save some money are with Community Field, The RecPlex, and street work.