No Jobs Lost, Money Still Saved in Des Moines County

The Des Moines County Board of Supervisors approved the custodial contract with Bridgeway at this morning’s meeting.

There are three custodians who work for Des Moines County. One works in the jail, one in the courthouse, and one, who is retiring, works in the public heath and sheriffs office. Chairman Tom Broeker explains the decision they’ve made…

“We’ve agreed that the one custodian that is retiring, his job, would be outsourced. The two not retiring will retain their jobs. Bridgeway is now going to do the custodial work for the sheriffs office and public health.”

It was a win-win situation. Nobody will be losing their job and a bit of money is saved…

“There are significant savings available to Des Moines Couny taxpayers. The custodial position that was eliminated with a family insurance package, would cost the county between 51 and $52,000 a year. Bridgeway is going to charge us a little under 12,000.”