Dodgeville Road Culvert Construction to Begin

It may be hard to remember back when we had nothing but rain earlier this summer because it’s been so dry lately, but it did a lot of damage to roads in Des Moines County, one in particular…. Des Moines County Engineer Brian Carter…

“This is I guess, what is the famous large 30 foot deep hole on Dodgeville Road. We have been working on this from the time it happened. We had to close the road because it mostly disappeared. Until now, it’s just been a race to get this to this point.”

Carter says they received two bids Monday from company’s interested in repairing it, and went with the lowest bid out of Washington, Iowa. The total project cost is close to $391,000….

“Something to note, this is what we refer to as an ER project.  When it’s all said and done, the Federal ER Program will reimburse the total cost of this project because it was declared as part of the disaster.”

The late start date is October 14th and they hope to have the road open before winter, weather permitting.