Iowa Program Helps Pay for Breast Cancer Screenings

You’ll be seeing more than yellow, orange, and red in October. This month will also be filled with pinks, to promote breast cancer awareness.

Iowa’s PR Manager for the American Cancer Society, Chuck Reed notes that breast cancer screenings can be costly, but that there is an Iowa program that can help…

“It’s put on by the Iowa Department of Public Heath. We’re trying to eliminate obstacles as far as allowing people to get the screenings they need. They’re glad to help you out and it’s a great tool. We hear it all the time, I cant afford to get the screening. Well this helps eliminate that barrier.”

It’s called the Iowa Care for Yourself Program. The phone number is 1-866-227-9878.

According to a new report from the American Cancer Society, breast cancer death rates have gone down 34% since 1990.  Reed, says the reasons behind that can be credited to awareness months, such as October, also there are great screenings now, and the research that’s been done has helped create good drugs to treat breast cancer.