Union Workers Rally on Roosevelt in Burlington

You may have seen them out there; a group of automotive union workers have been rallying at the intersection of Roosevelt and Kirkwood in Burlington.

Victoria Peel says  UAW Local-1237 is trying to draw attention to the ongoing contract talks with Federal Mogul…

“We’re in negotiations right now with the company, the union is. Neither side wants to back down and all we’re asking for is a fair deal. We just don’t want to sacrifice any thing else because all we’ve done for the past 20 years is sacrifice.”

Peel says the rally is a way for the company that makes spark plugs, to know that they mean business…

“This is just a rally for us to support our union as they head back into negotiations, just to tell the company that we’re not going to back down this time.”

Peel also said that Senator Courtney dropped by earlier this morning to voice his support.

This is the fourth rally the Burlington automotive union workers have held.