Purer Meth Being Made in Iowa

Lately, larger quantities of purer methamphetamine produced by Mexican drug cartels and trafficking groups have been reported in Iowa, according to the Iowa Division of Narcotics Enforcement.

Lt. Jeff Klein with the Burlington Police Department says although they haven’t seen any yet, it’s doesn’t mean it’s not in Burlington…

“We haven’t seen anything of that nature in Burlington yet. That’s not to say it’s not here and it just hasn’t materialized. However, as far as personal contact with law enforcement, we in this area have not.”

Klein says the meth made in our area isn’t the quality of purer meth…

“I know there’s ways to make more pure meth, it depends how you extract the pseudo from it. As far as the way it’s done up here, it’s really more crudely made. The more pure meth comes from larger labs or larger scale operations.”