Fundraiser at Wendys for SE Iowa Deployed Troops

A local group that sends care packages to deployed southeast Iowa troops is having a fundraiser tomorrow evening at Wendys in Burlington.

S.O.F.T, which stands for Supporting Our Families and Troops, will receive a portion of the food sales that will go towards care package expenses. Linda Long is the leader of the group and says the items inside the packages vary…

“The main thing that we still ask for is beef jerky, that’s at the top of the list, and nuts are always good. It really depends where they are while deployed. We also try to send enough so they can share with their buddies.”

Long says at first they would send necessities, but as troops got settled they would send “morale booster” items.

If you have a loved one who is serving and he/she does not currently receive a care package, you can contact Linda Long at 752-4201 or come to Wendy’s tomorrow night. The fundraiser is from 5-7pm.