GED Testers at SCC Need to Finish Test THIS YEAR

Southeastern Community College is planning to change it’s GED testing system next year.

What this means for people hoping to get their high school equivalency diploma, is that you have until the end of this year to finish your GED tests, or else you will have to start completely over.

The current version of the GED test is known as the 2002 Series GED test and it will be discontinued in December. More than 1,200 individuals who have started, but not completed the test program since 2002 at SCC, could be affected. Again, you have until the end the year to complete it or else you will be forced to start over.
Also in SCC news, at last night’s board meeting they appointed board positions. Board Chairperson is now Janet Fife-Lafrenz, Vice Chairperson is Lanny Hillyard, Secretary will once again be Sherry Zeller, and for now the Treasurer is interim Dick Springtee,n and will serve until they can find someone to fill that position.