Parents Upset with Bullies at BHS

Three parents voiced their concerns about bullying in the Burlington School District at last night’s school board meeting.

One mother said her daughter was bullied so harshly, that she tried to commit suicide….

“She tired to take her life again by smashing a mirror over her face. She’s in Peoria, Illinois in a special unit for kids that have been severely bullied. Staff and doctors are saying Megan is there due to bullying. I’m kind of outraged because the kids bullying my daughter are still at your school.”

Another parent said his son is also being bullied and feels that the school district hasn’t done enough about it…

“I don’t know if you have children. I don’t know you people and you don’t know me but you know my son because he’s with you eight hours a day. So why are the kids still in school? The bullies have more rights than my son? This isn’t fair. I’m not saying you have to address it now, but look into it. They should have already been expelled. I just figure you could let me know by next meeting why CM, CW, and GD, whatever their names are, why they are still in school when there is a bullying complaint against them. According to policy, they’re out the door, but they are still playing ball and still going to school.”

Board President Marlis Robberts announced that at the next board meeting, Superintendent Jane Evans will bring everyone up to date on the current anit-bullying program and talk about potential changes to make it work better.