4-Lane From Burl. to Monmouth, “GET IT DONE”

The overall message at last night’s Highway 34 Coalition meeting was pretty clear, and is similar to a line comedian Larry the Cable Guy often uses…. “Get it Done”.

If you’ve driven through the village of Biggsville lately you may have seen the work that’s begun on the new bypass.

A time frame for the completion of the entire project was proposed by Tri-State Development Summit Steering Committee leader Dan Wiedmeier…

“This has to be done. I’m issuing a challenge on behalf of the summit. Why can’t we get this done by 2020? 20 miles by 2020. It can be done.”

The Western portion of the Highway 34 project near Carman Road is the only portion of the project that IDOT Resident Engineer, Ray Barnes, says needs to be looked at again due to the levee re-certification.