Enrollment Up at WB; Year-Round-Schooling Still Being Discussed

Enrollment numbers are in, and the West Burlington School District is looking good.

Superintendent David Schmitt says the increase in students is manageable growth…

“We’re up a total of 25 students. 9 resident students and 15-16 open enrolled students.”

There is one student, a BHS freshman Megan French, who’s enrollment application was tabled and will be voted on next school board meeting. Schmitt says he needs to gather more information…

“I’m going to do some research. I’ll speak with the parents and speak with Burlington and see if we can do what’s best for Megan.”

There are currently 861 students attending the West Burlington Independent School District.

As for a balanced calendar, which most people would refer to as “year-round-schooling”, it’s a topic that will be in “discussion mode” for quite some time…

“We’re not making a decision this year, we’ll make one next year. We just believe  that with a big important decision like this, we need to spend a lot of time talking about it and give the community a chance to provide input.”