Ft. Madison Mayoral Candidate Feels Forum is Unfair

She’s still running for Mayor of Fort Madison, but she won’t be attending the candidate forum tomorrow night.

Businesswoman Donna Amandus, who owns Yuppy Puppy Pet Parlor in Fort Madison, feels that the forum being hosted by the Fort Madison Area Chamber of Commerce is unfair because the candidates aren’t given the questions ahead of time…

“I’ve been in forums before. I ran for State Senate last year. They always supply the questions so you can research and have informed answers. I just feel like it’s not a fair fight. You know what, for the most part, the mayor and city councilmen there now, didn’t know the answers to those questions when they got their seats either.”

Amandus says she’s determined to win the seat for mayor and has done one thing current Mayor Brad Randolph has never done, to her knowledge, and that’s knock on peoples doors.

The Candidate Forum will be held at 6pm tomorrow in the Fort Madison City Council Chambers.