“More Women are Needed in Government” -Tom Courtney

These days it’s pretty common to see women in government and taking on political roles, however when talking with Iowa Senator Tom Courtney this morning, he feels there should be more…

“I recruit for my caucus. When I recruit, I always recruit women. Women don’t think they have a place in government but they do, and it’s an important place. In Iowa we’re not very good. We have 50 senators and I think about eight or nine are women. I think we should have 25.”

Courtney feels that when conversations about abortion or gay marriage come up, a woman’s opinion is very important..

“Why shouldn’t we have women in those conversations? A good friend of mine who passed away last year, Pat Ward who was a republican, her and I worked well together on labor issues  because she had a whole different view point than a man would of, and I like that.”

Courtney says the number one excuse he hears from women is that they don’t think they’re qualified.