Pets May Be In Danger- Coyotes Spotted in Town

They look like small dogs with big bushy tails, and they’ve been spotted in town a lot recently.

Burlington resident Dana Hunter lives on Starr Street and said her dogs chased a pair out of her yard Monday night….

“My dogs chased something out of my landscaping and I was like, wow, that’s a really big raccoon. When they were running back, they flushed something else out. It ran into the alley where there’s a security light. When it stopped and looked back at me I was like, oh my gosh that’s a coyote.”

Hunter called dispatch, who told her that it’s pretty common right now…

“I called dispatch and asked if it was odd that I live in the middle of town and that there were coyotes. They told me they had been getting a lot of calls and that it wasn’t very unusual. They said fields are coming down and deer are running.”

If you have a pet, keep a close eye on it. According to the Lake County Forest Preserves website, coyotes can’t tell the difference between their natural prey and pets. They have been known to prey on cats.