Humane Society Earns $1,000

With the help of social media, the Des Moines County Humane Society won $1,000 for the online “Shelter Challenge”.

Co-President of the Shelter Board, Kelli Taeger explains…

“We won the shelter challenge. It’s a contest that’s put out quarterly by the animal rescue site. We’ve consistently won. I think this is the fourth time.” gives out prizes to local shelters who receive a large number of votes. DMCHS plans to spend the money on tests for the animals…

“We’re using the money to purchase various tests to help us diagnose things like Heart Worm, Parvo, Feline IV, things like that.”

The Des Moines County Humane Society came out on top with 30% of the votes in Iowa. Second place went to a shelter in Des Moines who only received 10%.