Iowa Receives Solar Power Grant

The state has won a federal Department of Energy grant of just over one-million-dollars as part of what’s called the “Rooftop Solar Challenge Two.”

Iowa Department of Economic Development Authority spokesperson, Tina Hoffman, says the goal is to increase the use of solar energy…

“We’re going to be able to help make it easier for Iowans to learn about solar and help reduce the soft costs, making it more affordable.”

The first step is developing ways to promote the use of sun power.

“We are going to help first educate and increase the awareness around solar energy and how it really can be a viable alternative,” Hoffman explains. “And we also are going to directly work with communities around the state to help them look at their requirements and permitting and those kinds of things to help reduce the soft costs that are associated with going through that process.”

Iowa has seen big investments in wind power in the last decade, and Hoffman says the state also has a lot of potential for solar power.