Burlington Girls Head to School with NO Makeup

The hot topic lately in town has been bullying.

We’ve seen videos and we’ve all heard the stories and now a group of parents and students have come together to try and make a difference. They haven’t come up with a name for their group, but they met for the second time last night.

As people proposed ideas to solving the bullying issue, it was an emotional topic for some of the girls…

“I got made fun of. I got called names just because they didn’t like me. I’ve been called ugly so many times. I think I’m ugly because everyone says I’m ugly”

A mother, Andrea Horton, then asked the girl if she really believed that in her heart…

“To be honest, yea, I do. I’ve been called ugly so many times, I believe it.”

After last night’s meeting, instead of a walkout or a sit in, the girls are all going to school today without their makeup, their hair in ponytails, and their sweats on. They want to prove that beauty comes from within. One girl even went home last night, took off all her makeup, and posted a picture of herself with a caption that said “I am beautiful without makeup”.