GRMC Newborns Receive Purple Hats in Novemeber

Each newborn baby that has left or will be leaving Great River Medical Center this month will be wearing a handmade purple cap.

The caps are a reminder to parents that all babies cry, and to be ready for it. Lactation Consultant for the hospital, Donna Corson, says more and more babies are suffering from Shaken Baby Syndrome…

“It usually happens when babies are going through this period of Purple Crying. Parents get so flustered they don’t know what they’re doing, and before they know it, they are shaking the baby. So what we tell them is to just take a deep breath, lay baby down, you know baby is doing fine, and come back to it later. You know some kids might only cry 20 minutes, some can cry for five hours. That’s very rough for any parent.”

1,400 babies are shaken and abused each year when parents become frustrated with crying. GRMC is also sending home with parents, a DVD and booklet about the “Period of PURPLE Crying”.