NASCAR Team Owner Upset by Ethanol Myths- Speaks in Burlington

There are many myths and misconceptions about an American made product used to power our vehicles and other equipment.

Ethanol was the topic at the Big River Resources briefing today at the Capitol Theater in Burlington. It featured Growth Energy board members who wanted to set the record straight. Richard Childress, who owns a NASCAR Team that runs on Ethanol, is tired of all the lies…

“The biggest thing that really upsets me, is the myths about ethanol and Food vs. Fuel. There are so many mislead people in this country who do not understand the importance of producing our own energy. Corn ethanol is one of the greatest things that’s happened in this country.”

When NASCAR started using Ethanol in race cars, Childress was impressed…

“It made our engines run cooler and cleaner. Those myths about water, and what it’ll do to your car, we’ve ran over 5-million miles with E15, so there’s nothing that can harm your engine if it’s done right. We build these engines up to 85 plus horsepower. If  they can stand E15, your street cars can too.”

You can learn more about the myths of Ethanol and the benefits it has on our economy at