New FunCity Attractions Opening Next Week


It’s been almost 8 years since FunCity opened in Burlington, which means it’s time for a little renovating.

The complex has torn out what once was the indoor water park, and have replaced it with all new attractions. Pzazz General Manager Rob Higgins, says they have cut the space in half, creating what will be known as a “wet” side and a “dry” side.

Ballocity and Sky Trail are the dry side features…

“The Ballocity is an indoor interactive soft play area where you can shoot very soft balls out of cannons. It’s like a jungle-jim for kids to run around. There are two or three different levels to it with hiding places, things of that nature. It’s very safe, very soft play orientated. Also in the dry area are two rope courses. They’re called Sky Trail. One area is for older kids and adults, and we have a lower area called Sky Tykes for really little kids.”

On the “wet” side, there will be a swimming pool and hot tub, which can still be accessed from the outdoor water park during the summer months…

“We’re building a new channel pool with a jacuzzi hot tub area and a play area for kids in the pool area. It’s like a lazy river you can do by foot.”

Ballocity and SkyTrail will open next Wednesday, November 27th. The pool area will open at a later date.

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  1. How about the really slick floors in the bathrooms, or the dress code – ya know something like suits must fit properly and not be x-rated? Or gee maybe an affordable price range? Other than perverting my child’s mind because some 13yr old’s mother allows their child to wear practically nothing I suppose its a great attraction to bring $ to the area. FYI to mothers of children or woman in general… If your suit is see through because its way to small please leave it at home! If Fun City could fix this problem my family and friends might just come back otherwise we’ll stick to the city pool and adventure land! Thanks

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