WBHS Trap Shooting Club Coming Soon

A new club may be popping up soon at the West Burlington High School.

It was recommended by board member Jay Day last month that the school look into getting a trap shooting club, similar to the one in Danville. At last night’s work session, Des Moines County Conservation Officer, Chris Lee, spoke to the board about the benefits a trap shooting club would bring, and also addressed a common concern among parents -is it safe?…

“The number one rule is safety. These kids, before they ever touch a firearm, go through very intensive training on what a firearm is and exactly how it operates. Before they ever put live ammunition inside that fire arm, coaches and volunteers are certain that they understand how this firearm works.”

Lee mentioned that it’s one of the safest sports there is. He said that his favorite part about having a club like this in a school, is that anyone can participate.

The board gave Des Moines County Conservation the go-ahead. All that’s needed now is a teacher willing to take the lead, and put together a group.