WB Looking to Have a Police Officer in School

Having a police officer in the West Burlington School buildings was discussed once again at tonight’s school board meeting.

None were opposed to the idea, but most members were concerned with the cost, and wanted detailed pros and cons of having an SRO. Superintendent Dave Schmitt said he’s researched other schools in the area who have an officer..

“Danville and Mediapolis’s arrangement is two days a week at each school. They rotate the days so they’re unpredictable. Danville is paying roughly $14,500 annually. I assume it’s the same with Mediapolis.”

Board member Jay Day was the person who requested West Burlington look into getting an officer and stated tonight, that the safety of our kids is key…

“We have the fire department, police department, and our school, those are our assets. There is no bigger asset than our children, teachers, and superintendent. We have a duty at all times to ensure their safety.”

West Burlington Police Chief Frank Newberry was also there, and said that you’d be surprised at the positive behavior kids show when there is a police officer present.

The board will need to make a final decision in January.