Fire Victim in Need of a few Donations

The fire that completely destroyed a home on Summer Street Thursday in Burlington has left the owner of the home, Mary McMillan, without a lot of every day items, and donations are appreciated.

Shes says she won’t be able to see what’s left inside the home until maybe next week…

“We haven’t been able to go in yet.The insurance guy has been here and has released it for us to go in, but the Fire Marshall needs to check and see if it’s safe first.”

McMillan has been living in the home alone since her father passed in November, but thankfully wasn’t home when the fire broke out..

“The fortunate thing was that I had my animals with me. There were no animals in the house, there were no people in the house.”

McMillan is staying with her son, whose home is located down the lane from her own at 5134 Summer Street. She’s already received more than enough clothing, she’s just asking for everyday items and cleaning materials.