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Ash Trees May Be Used As Fuel


Researchers in Iowa City are exploring the possibility of turning the state’s threatened ash trees into biomass fuel. A tiny insect that kills ash trees may present an opportunity for the University of Iowa’s biomass program. Ferman Milster, principal engineer for the UI’s Office of Sustainability, says they hope to take the threatened or dying trees, process them into wood chips, mix it with coal, and make steam and electricity in the campus power plant. “There may be an opportunity where we would pay something for the chips,” Milster says. “We’re starting to contact municipalities, tree service companies that may be involved removing trees from private ownership…and learn what their plans are to move that wood once the tree is down.” Continue Reading →

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Iowa Youth Need Jobs


Two Midwestern economists suggest youth unemployment will cause long-time trouble for the U.S. economy. Creighton University economist Ernie Goss says it’s a “huge concern.”… “We have young men and women, boys and girls in high school and college who graduate without every having had a job,” Goss says. “I mean, this is a remarkable time.” In the year 2000, about 42 percent of teenagers had a paying job. Continue Reading →

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