Extended Jobless Benefits End; Last Checks This Week

The period of “extended” unemployment benefits for nearly four-thousand Iowans is over.  

The budget deal passed earlier this month by congress does not continue the program into 2014. Iowa Workforce Development spokeswoman Kerry Koonce says the final unemployment checks will come this week. According to federal officials, almost 229-thousand Iowans got extended unemployment benefits at some point between January of 2008 and September of this year. Nationally, about one-point-three million Americans who’ve qualified for extended unemployment benefits will be cut off at the turn of the year. Continue Reading


Fire Victim in Need of a few Donations

The fire that completely destroyed a home on Summer Street Thursday in Burlington has left the owner of the home, Mary McMillan, without a lot of every day items, and donations are appreciated. Shes says she won’t be able to see what’s left inside the home until maybe next week… “We haven’t been able to go in yet.The insurance guy has been here and has released it for us to go in, but the Fire Marshall needs to check and see if it’s safe first.” McMillan has been living in the home alone since her father passed in November, but thankfully wasn’t home when the fire broke out.. “The fortunate thing was that I had my animals with me. Continue Reading


Warm Winter Weather for Today and Tomorrow

Some warmer temperatures finally moved into Iowa yesterday and they’ll be hanging around today and tomorrow. National Weather Service Meteorologist Jim Lee says much of the snow that fell last weekend will be melting. Some areas of Iowa could even hit 50 tomorrow before a strong cold front pushes across the state Saturday night.. “There could be a little light snow with that, but more along the lines of flurries or light snow showers, just a dusting in most places,” Lee says. “It’ll be quite a bit colder on Sunday…in some areas, around 30 degrees colder than the day before.” Continue Reading


Fire Destroys Burlington Home

If you were in the area yesterday, chances are you heard a lot of sirens and saw a lot of smoke. A home at 5136 Summer Street in Burlington went up in flames yesterday afternoon at around 2:15. The house, owned by Mary McMillan, was fully engulfed when crews got there. No one was home when the fire started, and no one was injured. Several fire crews from around the area were called in to help with the blaze. Continue Reading


Dispose of Christmas Trees for FREE

With Christmas behind us now, the Des Moines County Regional Landfill is letting customers dispose of Christmas trees for free. All they ask is that you bring a current water bill that shows the line item labled “TRASH”. Christmas trees must be free of wire, tinsel, and ornaments. Wreaths may be set out with your garbage, and will also be picked up free of charge. Continue Reading


Ash Trees May Be Used As Fuel

Researchers in Iowa City are exploring the possibility of turning the state’s threatened ash trees into biomass fuel. A tiny insect that kills ash trees may present an opportunity for the University of Iowa’s biomass program. Ferman Milster, principal engineer for the UI’s Office of Sustainability, says they hope to take the threatened or dying trees, process them into wood chips, mix it with coal, and make steam and electricity in the campus power plant. “There may be an opportunity where we would pay something for the chips,” Milster says. “We’re starting to contact municipalities, tree service companies that may be involved removing trees from private ownership…and learn what their plans are to move that wood once the tree is down.” Continue Reading


Burlington Boy Featured in California’s Rose Parade

Two Iowans involved in organ donation will be featured on the “Donate Life Float” in the annual Rose Parade in Pasedena, California on New Year’s Day. Tony Hakes of the Iowa Donor Network says the float is a way to honor those who have donated and those who have received donated organs. The Iowa florograph this year will feature Garrett Brockway of Burlington… “He ended up donating five life-saving organs to those that were on the wait list,” Hakes says. “He also donated his corneas and tissues to help enhance the lives of many others.” Continue Reading


Iowa Youth Need Jobs

Two Midwestern economists suggest youth unemployment will cause long-time trouble for the U.S. economy. Creighton University economist Ernie Goss says it’s a “huge concern.”… “We have young men and women, boys and girls in high school and college who graduate without every having had a job,” Goss says. “I mean, this is a remarkable time.” In the year 2000, about 42 percent of teenagers had a paying job. Continue Reading

cuffed hands

Local Drug Arrests

After being chased on foot by Burlington Police, 37-year-old Wilson Porter of Burlington was arrested on several drug charges. Authorities were called to 616 Franklin Street yesterday in regards to a suspicious person entering a vacant house. When police got there, the man ran, but was captured. Inside the home were materials used to make meth. Porter is being held in the Des Moines County Jail and has been charged with manufacturing meth, possession of meth precursors:lithium, possession of drug paraphernalia, providing false identification, and probation violation. Continue Reading


15-year-old Dies in Galesburg Shooting

A 15-year-old is dead after being shot Sunday night in Galesburg. Police have identified the victim as Javon Butler. Authorities were called to the 600 block of Monmouth Boulevard at around 9pm where they found the boy. Police have issued arrest warrants for two teenagers who they suspect were involved. Authorities are looking for 18-year-old Brandon Kenney and 18-year-old Alex Horton. Anyone with information about them is asked to contact Galesburg Police Continue Reading