New Rules for Young Drivers

Young drivers will now have to put in a little more learning time before they can take the wheel on their own and drive.

D-O-T Motor Vehicle Division director, Mark Lowe, says the law changes with the new year.

“In the past you could get an intermediate license after passing driver’s ed and having an instruction permit for six months. And that’s going to increase from six months to 12 months now,” Lowe says. “And the idea behind that is to make sure that young drivers have had more time driving with supervision, more time learning, hopefully more learning experience in all weather conditions.”

There is also another restriction that parents can have put on the young drivers.

“During the first six months of driving on an intermediate license the teen driver can’t have more than one unrelated passenger in the vehicle with them. That is a restriction that the parents have to agree to,”

He says the driver will have to follow the decision parents make on allowing more passengers.