Monday School Closings


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Dallas City Elementary District (Dallas City) No school Monday, 1/6/14.
Danville Community Schools (Danville) Mon 1/6
Great River Christian (Burlington) No school Monday, 1/6/14.
Hamilton Schools (Hamilton) Mon 1/6
LaHarpe Elementary District (LaHarpe) No school Monday, 1/6/14.
Notre Dame (Burlington) No school Monday, 1/6/14.
Waco Schools (Waco) Mon 1/6
Burlington Comm. School Dist. (Burlington) Closed due to weather
Clark County (Kahoka) Closed due to weather
Harmony (Farmington) Mon 1/6
Mediapolis Schools (Mediapolis) School closed due to weather
Morning Sun Schools (Morning Sun) Closed due to weather
New London CSD (New London) Closed due to weather
Wapelo Schools (Wapello) No school due to weather
West Burlington ISD (West Burlington) Closed due to weather
West Central Schools (Biggsville) Closed due to weather
Sunny Day Pre School (Burlington) Closed Monday, 1/6/14.
Nauvoo-Colusa Schools (Nauvoo) Mon 1/6 & all activities
Southeastern Comm. College (West Burlington) ALL CAMPUSES closed Monday, 1/6/14. FLEX classes scheduled for 1/6/14 will be made up on Wednesday, 1/8/14. Check SCC website for further information.
Holy Trinity Schools (Ft. Madison) Mon 1/6 Cancelled-2 hour late start Tue 1/7
Ft. Madison Schools (Ft. Madison) Mon 1/6 Cancelled..2 hr late start Tue
Keokuk Public & Catholic (Keokuk) Mon 1/6 Cancelled-2 hour late start Tue 1/7
Mt. Pleasant Schools (Mt. Pleasant) Mon 1/6 Cancelled-90 Minute late start Tue 1/7