Homeless Man Receives Hotel Room Thanks to Burl. Taco Bell


Life threatening cold hit the area yesterday, and the employees of Burlington’s Taco Bell went out of their way to see to it that one of their regulars, who happens to be homeless, had a warm place to stay.

Yesterday evening the owner of the Quality Inn in Burlington, Dan Patel, received a phone call…

“He didn’t have anything. The manager knows me very well, as a business person. She told me all the employees at Taco Bell wanted to contribute something to pay for a hotel room. I said no, buy him food and give him something to eat, I will take care of the room.”

With frigid temps expected again tonight, Patel says he’d gladly do it again for the man.

Taco Bell’s corporate Twitter account has even chimed in…

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1 Comment on "Homeless Man Receives Hotel Room Thanks to Burl. Taco Bell"

  1. Andrea Horton | January 6, 2014 at 5:51 pm |

    Please let us know as a community what we can do to help this man or any other homeless people in our town! There is no reason for anyone to be homeless! I commend the employees at Taco Bell for not standing by assuming he would be okay, and letting he fend for himself. You have proved that there are indeed good people in this world, and I hope others learn from your kindness! And thank you Mr Patel, I know you stood up to the challenge to help someone I was looking for a room for a while back. Your kindness has never been forgotten! You said yes, when everyone else said no! People oftentimes forget about the human beings who’s names are represented on the shiny credit card, or that it isn’t who’s face is on the money being handed to you, it is the face of who IS handing it to you that matters! And when people are down and out for whatever reason, those who turn their backs have sadly lost their sense of being a human.This is a great reason for the residents of Burlington to have visitors consider these establishments when staying here! Mr Patel’s hotel may not have all of the things the “fancier” places have, but he has proved once again that his has heart! A single random act of kindness can turn into a never ending chain of kindness!

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