WB Hopes to Promote Positive Image w/ SRO

No action was taken at tonight’s work session, but the West Burlington School Board hopes to have a decision on whether or not to hire a school resource officer by their next board meeting.

If the district approves an officer, they would split the cost with the city and pay 65%. It would cost the district close to $49,000 for an officer that would work 8 hour days and 180 days a year.

One factor that was stressed by several board members tonight was the schools image if they decide to move forward with hiring an officer. Board member Nate Prickett..

“I think the biggest thing in my mind is to push that, no, we are not a troubled district, but we’re trying to be proactive instead of reactive. We put them in there to work with the kids so that we don’t become the troubled district and have those problems.”

If an officer is chosen, Superintendent Dave Schmitt feels that it may be Ringo Covert.

A final decision will be made at the January 20th meeting.