SCC Approves Plan to Renovate

Southeastern Community College can now move forward with their renovations to the West Burlington and Keokuk campus.

The board of trustees approved the master plan concept tonight that President Ash presented. Ash explains the next step of the process…

“We’ll be in touch with our architect and let them know that they have been tentatively approved by our board. Then we will begin negotiations on the actual fee structure.”

The architect they chose is DLR Group, which is out of Des Moines. Construction could possibly start as early as this summer.

In terms of what’s at the top of the priority list, it differs at each campus…

“At the Keokuk campus, we have to build a new space for industrial maintenance before we do anything else. As for here, (WB) I would like to, if I had all the dollars I needed, to start on the health and science center.”