Governor Branstad Takes a Stop in Fort Madison

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad made a stop in Fort Madison today, the fourth of fourteen cities he and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds will visit during their “Building Iowa’s Future” Tour.

It’s his way of kicking off the campaign for a sixth term as governor. He discussed at The Ivy Bake Shoppe and Cafe, one of the ideas he has, if reelected…

“The centerpiece of my agenda this year, is a program we call Home Base Iowa. It encourages people coming out of the military, to come back to Iowa. We’re going to exempt their military pensions from state income tax to make it possible for them to go to our colleges and universities.”

Branstad also mentioned Lee County’s unemployment rate…

“This was the county that had the highest unemployment in the state when we ran, and we’ve made great progress, but we’re not done.”

Fort Madison Mayor Brad Randolph was also at the event, and said since Branstad took office, Lee County’s unemployment rate went from 10.9% to 6%.

If Branstad win’s a sixth term, he will hold the record as the nation’s longest-serving governor.