Telephone Scam in Lee County


The Lee County Community is the target of a telephone scam.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, citizens are receiving phone calls from a person claiming to be with the IRS. The citizen is told that the officer is attempting to collect unpaid taxes, and will come to their residence to arrest them if the taxes are not paid.

This scam is also occurring in Missouri.

The call originates from 585-697-3579. Deputies called the number and were subjected to rude, obscenity laced language once the person discovered that law enforcement was aware of the scam.

Also be aware of an e-mail being sent, providing a phone number to call because a debit card has been compromised.

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Savanna Evans
KBUR News Reporter

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  1. Just happened to me. When I said I thought it was a scam they hung up.

  2. Just happened to me now and scared the hack of me! It’s insane to insult people and steal money !

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