Iowa Caucuses Begin Tomorrow Night

The 2014 Iowa political calendar effectively begins tomorrow night with precinct caucuses for both parties.

These organizing meetings, which kick of a series of party events, culminating with the state conventions in June, tend to mostly attract loyalists in non-presidential election years. But party leaders are urging Iowa residents to participate, insisting that coming out on a chilly January night really does matter.

For Burlington, West Burlington, and Middletown Republicans, your caucus location is at the Burlington High School Library. Danville Republicans will meet at Bob Dodds Insurance Agency in Danville. Republicans in Mediapolis, Pleasant Grove, and all other Des Moines County townships will meet in the Mediapolis Elementary Library.

For Des Moines County Democrats, all precincts and townships will caucus at IBEW Hall, which is located at 1205 N. Central Ave. in Burlington.

All meetings start at 7pm.