Iowa Company Makes Good Use of Ash

An eastern Iowa company is turning a problem into an opportunity when it comes to firewood.


Iowa Firewood Products of Preston uses three kilns to bake the moisture out of split wood to get it ready to burn, and it’s a process that also kills the emerald ash borer, allowing the wood to be shipped outside the quarantine put on to stop the spread of the ash borer.


Derek Heiar  runs the company that’s the first to be licensed to export firewood beyond the quarantine, and he says recent mild winters left some dealers with piles of unsold firewood, but this year’s cold burned up supplies or left wood that was too green to burn.   Heiar says he moved out 225 semi loads of his processed firewood last year.   He says up to 15-percent of that came from threatened ash trees and it finds a use for the trees that are being removed.
Iowa Firewood Products sells its certified, bundled firewood at Home Depot and some Hy-Vee stores.