Students Now Able to Transfer Seamlessly from SCC to IWC

The Cooperative Enrollment Agreement was officially signed this morning by Southeastern Community College and Iowa Wesleyan College Presidents.

SCC’s President, Michael Ash, explains that the purpose of this new document is to benefit the students. It will allow students to transfer from SCC to IWC more seamlessly…

“It’s going to make it easier, but it’s also going to allow students to take courses there that will count here, while they are students here and vise-versa. It will also give students the opportunity to get involved with activities at either college.”

About 50 students per year transfer from SCC to Iowa Wesleyan.

IWC President Steven Titus…

“You know, whether it’s starting here (at SCC) and earning the associates degree in arts, or applied science, or whatever it might be, and those wishing then to continue to the baccalaureate level, our responsibility is to make it as easy as possible to do that.”