Republicans and Democrats Caucus in Des Moines County

Last night was just the beginning of the 2014 election year, although it’s an “off-year” in terms of the presidential election.

At last night’s Republican caucus at the Burlington High School Library, local central committee members were picked, and last night one of them was Burlington High School Senior, Kayla Mace. Although she votes as a Republican, she stated last night that she doesn’t agree 100% with some of the republican values…

“I strongly agree with a lot of the things the Republicans do. There are two major things I disagree with though. One of those things is abortion. I’m for abortion, no matter what it may be. If you’re not ready, you’re just not ready. The other thing is marriage equality. I think it should be equal for everyone no matter what.”

The next big event is the Des Moines County Convention, which will be held at the Capital Theater in downtown Burlington on March 8th.

As for the Democrats last night, they all congregated at the IBEW Hall in Burlington. Tom Courtney was there and we asked him what sorts of resolutions might be added to the platform…

“Normally we have resolutions on same sex marriage and abortions. I would hope there would be some resolutions on education issues, but I don’t really know. We’ll see.”

The big race this year is for Governor. Democratic State Senator Jack Hatch (of Des Moines) is challenging 5-year-term Republican Terry Branstad.