Tom Courtney Pushing for Iowa Min. Wage Increase

We caught up with State Senator Tom Courtney at last night’s Des Moines County Democratic Caucus and asked him what the future looks like for his minimum wage-bill hike..

“I plan to move it in my caucus. I plan to move it out of the Senate. Now, the speaker of the house says he has voted for it before, he might be interested in it. The governor has voted for it before too. That’s why I have a little bit of hope that I can get it somewhere, because both of those individuals have voted for it. We’ve got a shot. I was just reading today online that a lot of folks in higher places have started to figure out that unless the people down low working for wages aren’t making enough to buy, than nothing is going to get sold. I think we have a little better shot this year than we’ve had in the past.”

State Senator Jack Hatch is running against Governor Terry Branstad this year for governor. Hatch is calling for Iowa’s minimum wage to be raised to $10.10 an hour.