3 FM Residents Arrested for Meth

The Lee County Narcotics Task Force arrested three Fort Madison residents on multiple drug charges.

The three arrested were 28-year-old LeeAnn Wiegand, 41-year-old Johnny Ashburn, and 48-year-old Bill Briley. They were all living at 507 14th Street. Investigators estimate over 100 manufactures have taken place at the residence.

Wiegand is charged with Conspiracy to Manufacture Meth in Excess of Five Grams within the presence of minors and within 1000 feet of a school, and Maintaining a Drug House. If convicted, she faces 37 years in prison.

Ashburn was also arrested on those charges, in addition to possession of marijuana. If convicted, he will face 38 years in prison.

Briley faces 109 years in prison for the same charges, in addition to possession of meth. The only difference is that second or subsequent offense has been added to his charges.