“Invent an Event” for Burlington

When it comes to Burlington’s Tourism numbers, October through March seems to be a slower time for visitors coming to our area.

This is why the Greater Burlington Convention and Visitors Bureau is initiating “Invent an Event”. Executive Director Beth Nickel, says non-profit and for-profit businesses and organizations in Des Moines County are encouraged to come up with an event that will attract people from far distances to Greater Burlington during those slower months….

“It could be anything from a winter time festival, a performance, or anything that would bring a lot of people into our area for overnight stays. Day time travelers are important, but we really want something that’s going to have the appeal that will drive traffic from a greater distance, where they’ll need to stay the night.”

Nickel says they’re offering up to $8,000 to provide seed money for the event…

“I’m hoping we get some good ideas. It could go to multiple. If we get two really good events, the prize pool could be split.”

Applications are available at visitburlington.com and are due April 30th. They hope to announce the winner, or winners, before June 1st.