Burlington Residents Sentenced to Prison for Cocaine

Two Burlington residents were sentenced to prison Friday for Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine.

The two men are 28-year-old Akeem Eison and 36-year-old Zachary Shullaw.

Beginning in March of 2012 and continuing until April of last year, Eison and Shullaw conspired with other people to distribute cocaine in Burlington. Shullaw, specifically, sold cocaine in ounce quantities to undercover law enforcement personnel. Eison distributed cocaine as well, including providing co-defendant Shane Culbertson with a multi-ounce quantity of drugs, which Culbertson then arranged to sell to undercover law enforcement.

Culbertson was sentenced last Tuesday to 30 months in prison and three years of supervised release. The remaining co-defendant, Corey Keys, has pled guilty to Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine and is awaiting sentencing.

Eison was sentenced to 100 months in prison. Shullaw was sentenced to 37 months of prison time. Both men must also serve three years of supervised release.