Eastern Iowa Cop is a Contestant on Survivor

An eastern Iowa cop will be a contestant on the upcoming season of the popular reality TV game show “Survivor.”

Twenty-nine-year-old Sarah Lacina is a police officer in Cedar Rapids…

“I’m a huge fan of the show. It’s an awesome concept and I get to be part of it.”

Contestants are not allowed to speak publicly about “Survivor,” but short videos about each of this year’s “castaways” were released on CBS.com. Lacina will be one of 18 people competing for a $1 million prize in the Cagayan province of the Philippines. The Wartburg College graduate said she’s been involved in sports her entire life…

“I would say one of my downfalls is my competitiveness,” Lacina said. “It sometimes is overwhelming and, you know, I just can’t hut it off sometimes.”

The castaways will be split into three tribes: Brawn, Beauty, and Brains. Lacina will be part of the Brawn Tribe. In her video, Lacina said she believes she has a good shot at winning $1 million…

“I think, physically, I definitely will be one of the stronger females and probably even stronger than some of the males,”

“Survivor: Cagayan” premieres on February 26 with a two-hour special on CBS.