Moving FM Inmates will be “Swift, Silent, and Secure”

In just a couple months, inmates at the Iowa State Penitentiary in Fort Madison will be moving to a new home.

Moving day is one of many circumstances staff is training for, according to Warden Nick Ludwick…

“I continue to tell people we will move swiftly, silently, and securely. Moving day takes an awful lot of prior planning and we are right in the midst of that, and have been for sometime. It’s like ground traffic control. An air traffic controller has to land a bunch of planes at a certain time and get people from point A to point B. We’re only tasked with moving people about 1.2 miles but you’re moving the agency’s most high-end offenders.”

This isn’t the first time Ludwick has taken part in a move like this…

“I’ve done this on a large scale previously. It puts me at a better position to be able to assist staff, and learning and understanding how best to affect this move.”